Woven Labels


Woven labels are used to replace existing garment labels with your own professional custom branding. The labels are typically produced using a woven damask material and can feature a design with 1 -3 colours, double sided. We use a center fold label at 30mm x 40mm (folded size) as standard for neck and hem labels.

We stitch your tags in-house using premium cotton thread with colours to match the garment and woven label material. We use a stitch back method at the beginning and end, this locks the tag in place and prevents the stitch from coming undone.


Woven neck labels can be stitched in to the hemline or woven over the top. We recommend if you’re working on a budget to not include sizes on your woven labels. Use woven labels to best effect with your brand logo. We can then add a secondary standard size tag underneath your branded label for an additional cost of 10p per size tag. This is far more cost effective than having woven labels produced for each size with a minimum quantity of 500pcs each size.


Woven Hem labels are typically sewn on to the bottom left corner of your shirt or centered on the front of a sleeve. Hem labels don’t need to replace an existing label so in the case of hem labels you do not need to consider de-labelling options, this makes a hem label more cost effective than woven neck labels. You could consider a combination of printed neck tags and woven hem tags.


Cut and sew involves cutting along the inside of the neck label, as close to the seam as possible to remove. We often carry a lint roller while doing this process to wipe away any loose fibers as we cut. We then sew your new label on top (without removing any stitching). This method is a cheaper option than unpick and sew.


When we unpick and sew your labels we unpick the stitching, remove the existing label and then sew in your new label. For this method we usually suggest placing a smaller size label beneath your new branded woven label. This saves the need to get individual woven labels manufactured for each size.

Sew on hem

Hem tags can be sew on to a number of places. Bottom of the shirt or garment, sleeves, hoodie strings or pockets. No pre-existing labels usually need to be removed for your hem tags so this is the most cost effective option. We sew a straight line along the top edge of the woven hem tag.


Removing labels. We either cut out the tag (as described in cut and sew) or unpick (as described in unpick and sew). This is used when certain garments may have extra labeling inside or if woven or printed labels aren’t quite in your budget and would prefer your garments without existing branding.


£0.70 – per pc

£1.00 – per pc

£1.30 – per pc


500PCS – £210
1000PCS – £300


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Can i provide my own labels?

If you already have woven labels, you’re more than welcome to provide those and we can sew them for you. We recommend you send out the quantity needed for the order with extra. If your woven labels aren’t a standard center fold you must specify and provide details before ordering for a custom quote. For example a straight cut label which needs sewing along each edge to form a box.

You will be required to fill out a form prior to sending your own woven labels or garments so we know what to expect when they arrive.

Do i need to order a woven label for each size?

No. When we manufacture the woven labels for you we recommend as a money saving tip not to include the size on your labels. Use your woven tag to promote your brand. To identify the t-shirt size, we can add a smaller size label (typically referred to as a “size pip”) beneath your new woven labels. This is an extra 10p per size label but will save you the need to order a minimum of 500 woven labels in each individual size. 

Can you remove the existing garment labels?

Stock shirts typically come with woven label branding and care information. Customers often want these removing when having neck tags printed. The most cost effective option is to have the labels cut out, this option avoids removing any stitching. We also offer unpick and sew at an additional cost when the labels can not be removed via the standard cut method.

Legal requirements?

UK law governs that you’re garments need only include the fibre content of the garment and the percentage of fibre content. For example 100% cotton. Information such as care instructions and country of origin etc are not mandatory. For full terms in reference to sale outside of the UK/Europe please read UKFT