Screen printed neck tags

Brand your garments with a screen printed neck label


Increasingly popular with indie clothing brands, neck tags are rapidly becoming a popular choice when it comes to garment finishing. Inner neck prints, opposed to the traditional woven label offer a far larger area to advertise and promote your brand so get creative with your designs, make good use of the extra space available.

We screen print directly onto the garment with a soft waterbased ink which makes the label cotton soft and very comfortable to wear.


Inner screen printed neck labels have a minimum quantity of 10PCS per size.

Screen printed neck tags are a single colour print, usually mid-grey and are typically priced at £1 per garment based on the artwork having all sizes labelled on one print with a marking to tape off the relevant sizes.

Read the FAQ below for further information.


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Do i need to pay for a screen for each size

The most cost effective option is to include all sizes on the same screen/neck design with a dot or custom marker (see example). This method allows us to tape up the dots/markers according to the size being printed. This option is offered at £1 per neck print and Free setup fees.

If you require individual artwork for each size, this will be subject to setup fees and the standard print prices.

You can download this example to help design your own Download PDF (1.3mb)

What size should my neck prints be?

One of the benefits to a screen printed neck label rather than a woven tag is the extra space you have available to include branding or information. Make good use of the space available, promote your brand and get creative with your design.

We recommend sizing your neck prints within 4″ width x 3″ height (inches).

What colour should my neck prints be?

We typically screen print neck labels using a light to mid-grey waterbased ink. We use light grey because this will show up on on most light or dark garments. The light grey helps to prevent the print showing through on the back of white t-shirts.

You can choose an alternative colour if this benefits your branding, however colour changes are chargeable so we recommend planning the same neck print colour across all garments.

Can you remove the existing garment labels?

Stock shirts typically come with woven label branding and care information. Customers often want these removing when having neck tags printed. The most cost effective option is to have the labels cut out, this option avoids removing any stitching. We also offer unpick and sew at an additional cost when the labels can not be removed via the standard cut method.

For more information take a look at our tag removal page.

Can we print neck tags on to any garment?

We recommend avoiding very thin garments, for example some ladies garments can be such a light material and the neck print may possibly show through the back of the garment. We also recommend avoiding garments such as sweatshirts or hoodies. Often these garments have a fluffy inner material which doesn’t print well.

Legal requirements?

UK law governs that you’re garments need only include the fibre content of the garment and the percentage of fibre content. For example 100% cotton. Information such as care instructions and country of origin etc are not mandatory. For full terms in reference to sale outside of the UK/Europe please read UKFT