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Screen printing is a timeless art offering the most accurate, vibrant, comfy and long lasting garment print available.

Walk in to any high quality, high street fashion brand and we can guarantee at least 90% of the garments with a printed design will be screen printed.

So is screen printing only suitable for clothing brands? Absolutely not! How about screen printed work wear, event tees, freshers and leavers goodies? With new low minimums (MOQ now only 10 prints!) and the ability to (within reason) mix and match garments makes screen printing an affordable option for not just the big clothing brands.


To give you an overview. screen printing requires a screen produced for each colour in the design.

We start with a clean silk screen mesh stretched across a frame which is then coated with a UV sensitive emulsion and left to dry over night.

We print each element/colour of the final print design on to a clear acetate. The acetate (positive) is printed using high density UV resistant black ink.

We then position the positive on to our mad strong UV exposure unit (seriously! You can top up a tan on this bad boy!). The high power UV light then hardens the emulsion outside of the high density ink leaving the image soft which can be rinsed out in our wash out booth.

Each screen is fixed and aligned on our screen printing carousel and we push/pull (depending on the printers preference) the inks to build our final print image on your t-shirts or garment of choice.

Take a look at our screen printing page for more comprehensive guide.


Short Runs

Fantastic for runs of 10 or more prints

Print Quality

Vibrant accurate colours and soft detailed prints


Long lasting and durable print.
We can even print on stretchy garments such as sport polyester using ink additives

Short Runs

Fantastic for runs of 10 or more prints

Print Quality

Vibrant accurate colours and soft detailed prints


Short Runs

Incredibly expensive for runs less than 10

Short Runs

Not plausible to produce individual or runs less than 10

Short Runs

Setup and print preparations can be longer than other methods of printing but Rome wasn’t built in a day 😉


Final word! Screen printing requires a lot of work in contrast to more modern printing methods. I must admit we do offer several of those modern printing methods (Heat pressed vinyl or digital print) and they certainly have advantages for certain applications, however the satisfaction i get from screen printing can not be matched. In a nutshell screen printing is a passion, I’m always learning and striving to become the best I possibly can at my chosen craft.

Thanks for taking the time to read, much love kids! - Danny

About the author

The “Gaffer” and screen printer. Danny splits his workload between ruling the roost and screen printing duties. Fueled by copious amounts of monster energy, an unhealthy obsession with motor sport and rock and roll music!

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